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Jan 7, 2013: Mama and Papa are spending much more time together as we enter the pair bonding and nest building
season. I have found one of their potential nesting locations for the 2013 nesting season. The nest is being newly
constructed and has some small branches and twigs already in place. We wil lcontinue to monitor this nest and watch for
others they may start building.
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Mar 13, 2014: Mama and Papa have been delayed in their nest building this season due to the lingering snow and ice.
They have completed their 2014 nest and as of today Mama is staying in the nest overnight.
Apr 10, 2014: Mama has been sitting on her nest now for four weeks. Please check out and "Like" my Facebook Page for
updates in your Newsfeed for news on the Hawks, upcoming photo workshops, conservation news and more.
Apr 18, 2014: Based on Mama's behavior at the nest today she most likely has had at least one hatch in the past few days.
Apr 23, 2014: We are hoping to be able to get the Hawkcam up and running this week to once again provide our 24x7 live
video feed as Mama and Papa raise their young over the next seven weeks. Stay tuned for further updates.